At Circular, we’re turning consumers into custodians.

Join a purpose driven team

Our vision is to accelerate the adoption of the circular economy by radically extending the useful lives of physical products and turning consumption into custodianship.

We are looking for talented and committed individuals who are inspired by building a service that people love, while accelerating the adoption of the Circular Economy. With the right team we believe the opportunity is boundless.

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Working at Circular

At Circular, being a great place to work is anything but an afterthought. We are serious about crafting a place where driven individuals work and learn together and every day is filled with meaning, collaboration, joy, and (most of all) impact.

Our founding team has a lot of experience leading tech companies, and we share a drive for creating an excellent organisation.

Everybody working at Circular can expect a collaborative and transparent culture where every individual has the freedom to do their job, progress is celebrated, and truth is valued over status.

Employee benefits

Unlimited paid time-off

At Circular we trust you to get things done and do what’s right for yourself and the business. Take a break when you need to.

Private healthcare

Our Singapore based teammates benefit from free Private Medical, Dental and Outpatient Care from Day one.

Flexible work location

We have a lovely office in WeWork, but if that’s not your preference we have a flexible Work From Home and Remote Work policy so you can optimise for what works for you!

Competitive salaries

We may be a startup, but we believe in hiring great people and paying them well. You don't have to choose between good salary and purposeful work.

Circular credits

Our Singapore based teammates get $200 per month to spend on whatever Circular subscriptions they want! Eating your own dogfood has never been this tasty.

Our Values

Waste Less

Time is our most precious resource. Every employee is empowered and expected to spend their time wisely and with purpose.

Freedom with purpose

We give people the freedom and trust they need to do their jobs to the best of their ability. We expect the freedom to be taken seriously, and hold people responsible for using it to further Circular’s vision and purpose.

Be present

We honour our past and dream big dreams for our future, but we live vividly in the present. We give our full focus to the job at hand, and take the time to appreciate our milestones and victories along our startup journey.

Seek unusual knowledge

A startup is a learning machine. We value the acquisition, dissemination, and application of unusual knowledge and insights. We insist on truth.

Open positions

We are always open to talking to talented folks who are inspired by our vision. If none of the listings below are right for you, fill in an Expression of Interest.