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What we do

Circular is a tech subscription service that's evolving the way we consume technology. By subscribing, our customers have access to the latest tech from the best brands for budget-friendly monthly payments.

Our mission is to help the world embrace the circular economy and say goodbye to the days of owning expensive tech devices. It’s a learned behaviour that we need to disrupt to usher in a new era where subscribing, rather than buying, is the norm. We’ve seen this trend with luxury handbags, clothes and cars. There’s no surprise that tech is the next big trend here.

Our disruptive challenge to traditional tech device ownership may seem ambitious, but hey - look at how Netflix and Spotify transformed the consumption of movies and music. The planet needs us to change how we think about our phones, laptops and other devices.

How we do it

A circular economy is a sustainable approach to production and consumption. Rather than following the "take-make-waste" linear model, the circular economy aims to reduce waste and protect the environment.

We’re all addicted to our devices (and that’s ok), but what we’re actually addicted to is the lifestyle they allow us to live and the connections they help us make. We don’t need to own the device to do this.  Circular is helping people embrace a forward thinking approach where we are custodians of devices for a period of time, before they're passed on to the next consumer.

So instead of tossing your old device (or it living out its days in your bottom drawer), we’ll refurbish or recycle it to minimise waste and reduce the impact on the environment.

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Where we do it

Circular provides innovative and sustainable solutions to businesses and individuals in Singapore and Australia.

Singapore ranks among the top countries in the Asia-Pacific region for technology adoption, with a high penetration rate of mobile devices, e-commerce, and digital payment systems.

In Australia, its advanced economy and tech-savvy population contribute to a high level of technology penetration, with a particular focus on renewable energy and smart city solutions.

At Circular, we leverage our knowledge of these distinct cultures to deliver tailored solutions to our subscribers in both countries.

How Circular subscriptions work

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It's all about you and what suits your lifestyle.

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Interested in helping us do it?

As a rapidly growing Startup we know our success depends on the talented and committed individuals who make up our team.

At Circular, you'll have the independence to use your creativity and skills, with the support of like-minded individuals dedicated to transforming the way we approach business.

We've already achieved a lot, but there's still so much more to do. If you're looking for a career that's both challenging and fulfilling, we invite you to join us.

Circular for Business - crafted for Startups and SMEs

Our business subscriptions are designed to balance affordability and flexibility. We’re an obvious first choice for sustainability minded businesses. However the subscription model appeals broadly as it enables businesses to unlock cash flow.   We’re proud to help power and enable growth across a growing network of businesses in Singapore and Australia.

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At 1st I was sceptical but after trying & been using their service. Love that the option to make a swap is super easy & smooth, of coz they’ll check your track record. The reminders that send to make sure, you’re aware of the upcoming payment is also a good service. 👍🏽 Definitely will recommend!

January 16, 2024

Fast and economical...

Fast and economical...

January 12, 2024

Great to have

great to have and be part of this

January 12, 2024