We’re making subscribing to tech better than buying it

Founded in 2021, Circular is a young brand, constantly evolving to meet, and exceed our customers needs. But even in our adolescence we are are clear on what we want to achieve and how we want to go about it.


We empower people to achieve their desired lifestyles. The inflexible, archaic tech ownership space limits people’s ability to create, communicate and work. We aim to un-cage creativity, social connection, and personal development.


To create an evolution of the tech space and its economy: it’s no secret that modern supply chains and industries are placing our planet under immense pressure. Our model is committed to helping lessen this over the long term.

Brand Values

01 Authentic

02 Empowering

03 Reliable

04 Accessible

Our Values: How we're building a high performance culture

Waste Less: Time is valuable. Use it wisely and purposefully

  • Call out waste: strive for constant improvement in everything we do
  • Be urgent: find effective and more economical ways to achieve the same outcome
  • Focus on important tasks: understand the purpose and importance before starting work

Freedom With Purpose: We trust people to do their best and hold them responsible

  • Act in the company's best interest, let it guide your actions
  • Prefer principles to rules: trust judgement in applying principles to situations
  • Have high expectations, give feedback openly and respectfully

Be Present: Live in the present and appreciate milestones

  • Listen attentively: give your full attention to others
  • Celebrate wins: take joy in good things that happen
  • Acknowledge failures: find the good that came from them

Seek Unusual Knowledge: We prioritise learning and truth

  • Ask "why" often: challenge past decisions and continuously improve
  • Explain your reasoning: proactively share the reasons behind your choices
  • Treat ideas roughly, people kindly; the best ideas win when we work as a team

Meet our team

Nick Ramsay
Yaniv Bernstein
Pantha Roy
George Oliver
Head of Asset Operations
Natalie Gardiner
Head of Marketing
Mike Simpson
Head of Engineering
Bec Jenkins
Head of People
Russel Cummings
Head of Collections
Kristi Klaus
Head of Risk

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Interested in helping us do it?

As a rapidly growing Startup we know our success depends on the talented and committed individuals who make up our team.

At Circular, you'll have the independence to use your creativity and skills, with the support of like-minded individuals dedicated to transforming the way we approach business.

We've already achieved a lot, but there's still so much more to do. If you're looking for a career that's both challenging and fulfilling, we invite you to join us.